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We are two artisans who have become a team.  We design and handcraft unique products for your enjoyment.  No machines are used.  Only natural materials are used for our products such as, leather, fur, glass, stones and metals.  

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Like any workshop, we are constantly designing and making new products.  So check back often!  You never know what you may find!

Our Goal

Our goal is the create "art" to be worn, used and admired.    We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and we guarantee durability of the jewelry and leather products

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Santa and Mrs Claus

We are happy to announce that we have a special product line for Santa and Mrs Claus


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Ron is a talented leather craftsman.  All of his designs are original.  He designs the pattern then hand cuts and hand sews the item. No matter what type of leather products you are looking for, you know you are getting a quality handmade piece by a Vietnam Veteran.

Our Products

When you order from us, you will be receiving a unique, one of a kind, piece. We carefully hand select all  materials. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and we want clients to feel the same pride when wearing or using the pieces from our store.


Patti loves to create! She is a  artist and designer.  She loves to work with beads, leather, fabric and any other medium that will fits in her designs.  The days just do not seen long enough to work on the designs running through her mind.  She always tries to keep her designs new and fresh.

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